Ralph Munro long time supporter of Morningside with Jim Larson CEO at Morningside's 50th Anniversary celebration

50th Anniversary Luncheon a Superb Celebration

We held a 50th celebration event at Indian Summer Golf and Country Club yesterday and it was a very positive event.  George Le Masurier was our emcee for the event and did a masterful job of introducing Ralph Munro.  Ralph was honored for his contribution to assisting individuals with disabilities not only at Morningside but throughout the entire state.  Ralph was a former Morningside board member recounted his experience in raising funds for our building on Ethel Street.   He told of Percy Bean tearing up a $200 check and told to meet with the woman who gave it to Ralph, Al Brooks and Jerry Buzzard and say she needs to contribute more money.  She thought about it for a minute and wrote a check for $500.  Up to that point in the local fundraising effort a very small portion of the $15,000 match money was raised so every dollar was valuable.  Well they raised the match and the rest was history. 

His story points to how the Olympia community came together to support Morningside.  I tell local business owners and friends how fortunate we are to live in a community that is so supportive and accepting.


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