Governor’s Budget – Cuts but calls for fresh look in January

From Richard Davis WashACE Blog – This morning the governor unveiled her proposed 2010 supplemental budget, then quickly walked away from it. As expected, Gregoire said that resolving a $2.6 billion shortfall in the current biennial budget without new revenues was unacceptable. She explained her thinking in a letter to the public. Referring to the current revenue budget, she writes:

Today’s document does not reflect our values as a state. It does not reflect the Washington I know and love or the Washington I want for our future and the future of our children and grandchildren. I am convinced it is not the plan for the future that Washingtonians would choose, either.

She is required by law to present a balanced budget within current revenues. This budget will be followed by another in January, one which will restore the cuts she finds most egregious – Basic Health, levy equalization, early childhood education, development disability services and more.

Developmental Disability Services shakeout

1. Reduce County Employment Contracts by approximately 3% effective July 1, 2010. (- $2.65 million)
2. Jobs by 21 Partnership will be reduced by 75 percent in 2010 and eliminated effective July 1, 2010. (- $1.75 million)
3. Eliminate State Employment and Day Services for 200 clients who do not qualify for Medicaid. (- $1.2 million)
4. Waiver graduate employment services for 343 graduating transition students who are currently on the Basic Waiver. (+ $1.79 million)

The Governor has accepted the consultant’s recommendations on the closure of institutions, and is moving forward on shutting down Francis Haddon Morgan Center in Bremerton by June 2011 and Rainier School by June 2014.

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