Outstanding Employers

Yesterday at the Thurston County Chamber of Commerce forum Morningside was pleased to introduce and honor the four Thurston County Outstanding Employers for 2010. The event was so packed that Saint Martin’s University catering company Bon Appétit had to bring in extra tables to handle the overflow crown. I suspect the draw was the presenter. Dr. Arun Raha, Executive Director, Economic and Revenue Forecasting Council gave the audience a very complete economic prediction. He was well received by the forum participants, who’d a thunk that an economist could be so funny. He gave a plug for Morningside. After our presentation he was introduced and said that he was taking his Morningside pen back to work because of the state cutbacks, pens are hard to come by in his state office.
This year we videotaped three Outstanding Employers giving testimony employing individuals supported by Morningside. You can view these three employers clicking on this link: http://www.mside.org/videos.asp

I would like to congratulate the 2010 winners: Southgate Ace Hardware, Walgreens on Martin Way, Trader Joe’s and the State of Washington, DSHS, Division of Child Support. It was fun to have the employers in attendance and experience the overwhelming support the chamber members gave to them.

Don’t forget that the next CEO breakfast is scheduled for March 22nd at 7:30 at the Business Center. Come and hear from an employer who has worked with Morningside.  They will be candid and available to meet with you and answer your concerns.  It is your opportunity to ask any question you may have about the process.  The meeting will end promptly at 8:30 – guaranteed.  See you then. 


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