Pizza Hut National Claim Proven Locally

At the Lacey and Thurston County Chamber Forum’s that we sponsored I highlighted a statistic we use in regards to lowering turnover that was supplied by the Pizza Hut Corporation. They report that entry-level turnover is 250% annually; among its employees with disabilities, the rate is 32%. Adding a mentor component brought turnover down to a stunning 2%. That statistic in all probability is being played out in the Pizza Hut on Pacific and Carpenter Road in Lacey with a client that we support who has been working there since 1992. One of her job duties is to make pizza boxes at during the busiest times Thursday, Friday and Saturday late afternoon and evening when the whole business is in a frenzy as pies are flying out of there as fast as frisbees at an “Ultimate Frisbee” match. She has seen managers, pizza makers, delivers, and front counter staff come and go throughout her tenure there – she is the most senior staff I suspect – and she is there day-in and day-out making those pizza boxes so there is no bottleneck in the production. Similarly, I recently took an old photo I took of the entire staff at a local Olive Garden restaurant when we awarded an Outstanding Employer Award to them a few years ago and asked the current shift manager who was there to identify any person still employed in the picture – she pointed to the person we support. Want to lower your turnover, want to improve morale; want consistency and dependability in your company please consider Pizza Hut and Olive Garden’s experience and give us a call.

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