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Sad News

We just learned that Mike Balcom passed away unexpectedly and while we don’t usually publish such news I felt that since Mike was the face of a Morningside client, we should let our community know of this news. Mike was on the cover of the Voice, the Thurston County Chamber’s monthly newsletter. When the Chamber wanted someone personifying working I thought of Mike with his great 100 watt smile and had to take his picture. Mike loved working at Red Robin (see picture), in part I believe, is the fact that he could get a hamburger, one of his basic food groups. Many of us remember Mike showing up at our old location off 14th avenue after his shift at Red Robin with a huge burger in hand and plunking in change or sliding dollars into the pop machine retrieving his favorite soda – his other basic food group, and smiling broadly showing off his gastronomical bounty. Mike will be missed but he will be long remembered.



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