Jim Larson CEO at Maxyne's retirement party

Thanks for the Memories

Well the day finally arrived – Maxyne’s retirement. If you have been fortunate to work at the Corporate Center or have come to Morningside’s Olympia office you undoubtedly know Maxyne and her pleasant, welcoming personality. Maxyne has been a client of Morningside since 1972 but for the last 7 years she has worked as our electronic imaging expert scanning primarily old client paper files into a digital format for efficient shortage. Thanks to the Accounting department who took seriously our mission in their department planning session, they were proactive in utilizing a person with a significant disability to move us closer to paperless files and put our mission into practice.

I happened to be the beneficiary of Maxyne’s constant ribbing. She enjoyed giving “the boss a hard time” and it didn’t matter where or when or whatever the circumstance I would usually count on Maxyne’s little quip delivered with her broad grin and chuckle. She took the most glee when the whole staff was assembled to announce her nick name for me “Jimbo” followed by the fact that she was going to give me a “hard time” or some other staff was going to let me have it.

She had an uncanny ability to register who walked by her cube by listening to their footsteps. No you couldn’t just slip by – she would say “what are you doing Jim or where are you going?” of course I had to reply and recognize the fact that she knew I was there. On the rare occasion she mistook me for one of the other guys in the office I took much pleasure in telling her she was slipping because I wasn’t the person she thought it was.

Why this tribute well because Maxyne taught me a lot. She taught me about perseverance and determination. I saw her frequently waiting for the bus on Ruddle road if I happened to be going early to work – there was Maxyne, faithfully going to work-rain, shine, sleet and yes snow. She was always there, much the same with most all of those clients whom we serve. She loved her job and the people who surrounded her. I was always greeted with a friendly “hello Jim (or Jimbo or Boss)” every morning she worked – she brightened my day. So like other employers who comment on those we serve, she changed the “landscape” at work made me a better person able to appreciate all this life has to offer.

So as Maxyne was crying on the outside during her combination birthday and retirement party – I was crying on the inside because I know I was going to miss her cheerful “Hello Jimbo, how are you doing this morning” as much as she was going to miss being a part of us.



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