The Right Job Match

It’s a true dichotomy having a child with a disability and being a person who assists individuals with disabilities find a job and begin working.  A parental perspective is so different at times I forget all I know and preach. 

Andrew, you should be well acquainted with him by now, is our remaining offspring still living at home.  He is a senior this year and is on target to graduate.  Frankly he is doing well in school and gets great grades.  Andrew was presented with a Student of the Month at New Market Vocational Skills Center, Culinary Program recently.  Andrew wants to be a chef and he has his future training all planned out.  Finish a two year degree at the SPSCC culinary program, then on to a program like Le Cordon Bleu, College of Culinary Arts in Seattle.  Then spent time in Paris France to receive instruction in French cuisine and pastry, on to Rome to learn Italian cooking and then to Soul Korea to round out his international cooking flair by learning Korean BBQ.  Between you and me I am convinced he is interested in becoming a chef because he likes food and likes to eat…not so much in preparing food.  Well I digress.

Following the award ceremony at New Market students were asked to take parents on a tour of their program center.  Andrew did a good albeit brief explanation of the different stations in the kitchen.  He was frustrated with my questions on using the various pieces of equipment and if he used or not.  I asked his teacher Michelle Heistand if she thought Andrew could be a chef given his obvious disability.  She said well it would need to be a right match.  Well there you have it – “find the right match”.   It was like she was parroting what I have told parents for the last couple of decades.  Duh of course it would need to be the right match because with the right match people with disabilities can and do make excellent, productive workers.  Ms. Heistand said that Andrew is a very hard worker and very willing to help other….hum another statement of truth about him that I was well aware of. 
A friend of ours envisions Andrew hosting his own cooking show on the Food Network that he would be an inspiration to others.  Who knows it might be the right match.


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