Unconditional Love

My clock radio at home is set to the local NPR station, KPLU, which means I awaken to a variety of stories.  I look forward with anticipation to each broadcast throughout the week.  Typically, I hear the national Morning Edition Monday through Friday with the addition of Northwest news with Kirsten Kendrick.  But Friday’s broadcasts are special.  This is when StoryCorps is on.  StoryCorps broadcasts short podcasts taped by individuals telling their stories in an interview format.  Last Friday I was particularly touched by a podcast with a son, Sean Carter, interviewing his mother, Jenny.  Sean interviewed his mother using a speaker device because he is paralyzed as a result of an accident.  He interviewed her about the fact that she has been his caregiver since the accident. In our line of business this is all too common and I have met hundreds of parents who are caregivers for their son or daughter n exactly the same situation as Sean and Jenny Carter. I have tremendous admiration for parents and family members as they endure unbelievable circumstances while providing invaluable assistance to their son or daughter.  As I have come to know these parents and see firsthand the support they give, their unconditional love is evident in a variety of ways.  These families also need our support in whatever ways we can give it.  For example, we can advocate for family support dollars for respite services or ongoing care.  I am sure our support would be greatly appreciated. The link is provided below so you can listen to the Carter’s story.  As you listen please remember this story is played out in tens of thousands homes right here in in our community, our state, and across this country every day. Here is the link to NPR: http://www.npr.org/2015/02/06/384212826/caring-mom-is-picture-of-unconditional-love-injured-son-says


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