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Jonathan Dec 2015 B&W hew smallJonathan Pleger, President/CEO

I grew up in Buffalo, New York and moved to Washington State in 1997, trading the snow for the rain.  I’ve worked in the non-profit sector since then with an emphasis on development/fundraising.  I was previously the Vice President for Development at Morningside for five years.  It was during that time when I realized my passion for Morningside’s mission and the importance of focusing on people’s strengths and abilities.  I am excited for my new role and for the future of Morningside.

When I am not at work you can find me:   backpacking and camping (or planning my next trip), reading, watching sports (especially hockey), and dreaming of someday living off the grid.

Fun fact about me: I once hiked 51 miles in 19 hours with a 35 pound backpack as part of the “Ranger Marathon” while on staff at Philmont Scout Ranch in Cimarron, NM.


Laurie Schindler VP Employment Services/COO

Born and raised in North Seattle, I moved to Thurston County to raise my family in 1989. After my three kids were established in school I began looking for meaningful employment. Well, needless to say, I have been proud to call Morningside my “other family” ever since. Collaborating with people driving change for the betterment of the individuals we support has been extremely rewarding. As proud as I am for the work we’ve done in the past, I’m more excited for the possibilities the future holds!

When I am not at work you can find me: Traveling (usually chasing the sun!), working in the garden, or spending time with family.

Fun fact about me: I once was a licensed cosmetologist……haircut anybody?


Don Web size smallAdrienne Peterson VP Administrative Services/CAO

As a little girl, my family and I made our way across the United States, finally settling in the South Puget Sound; the home of my heart. I love a good challenge, and the harder they are, the more excited I get to overcome and learn from them. After 14 years of working in high volume, production accounting in a corporation, I am excited to join Morningside this year and bring with me my passion for people, accounting and organization. I can’t wait to work, grow and flourish with a fantastic team!

When I’m not at work you can find me: Traveling and discovering the next big adventure for my family.

Fun fact about me: In 1989, With the help of my Grandmother, we broke the record for boxes of Girl Scout cookies sold in Putnam county.


 susan web smallSusan Cundy-Harris VP Human Resources/CAO

After more than 30 years in Human Resources I find people fascinating, mysterious, and wonderful! After 17 years at Morningside I still find the organization and my co-workers inventive, dedicated, and fun! It’s such a pleasure to come to work every day.

When not at work you can find me: Traveling – I am excited to be traveling as much as possible over the next few years either by plane, train, or my husband’s beloved sports car. If I could take the Useless Cat it would be perfect!

Fun Fact about me: Now a Grandma, I was once the Western Washington Mud Racing Champion for PW4WDA!


Laurie web size samll Laurie Arnone VP Development/CDO

I grew up in Michigan on the Great Lakes and attended Grinnell College as an undergraduate and the University of Denver as a graduate student. My professional background is in development and communications and I’ve spent my career at some great non-profit and for profit organizations ranging from Red Cross to Boeing. I’ve been at Morningside since 2013, and love working for an organization that advocates for people with disabilities.

When I am not at work you can find me: Indulging a lifelong interest in animal conservation and welfare, visiting with my kiddos, succumbing to the occasional Netflix binge, and hanging out on the water.

Fun fact about me: I spent a month in Hawaii getting a Greenpeace ship seaworthy enough to sail to Antarctica to intercept the Japanese whaling fleet.


 Don Web size smallDon Hayden VP Technology/CIO

Originally from New Orleans, Louisiana. I graduated from St Martins College. I took a job with Morningside in 1992 to earn a little extra money for grad school. 23 years later I’m still at Morningside. I’m a Microsoft Certified System Engineer now and love working with our wonderful staff.

When I’m not at work you can find me: I enjoy the outdoors (preferably when it’s sunny) and discovering new craft breweries.

Fun fact about me: I have attempted to climb Mount Rainier five times and I have jumped out of a perfectly good airplane.