About Morningside

Morningside has been changing the lives of individuals with disabilities for more than 60 years.

Since 1963, Morningside has been helping change the lives of individuals with disabilities by matching their skill and interest with jobs in the community. Morningside has one of the nation’s most successful programs for matching individuals having significant disabilities with jobs in the community. Our success is due to our extremely professional, qualified, and motivated staff, who serve as a vital link between employers and people with disabilities seeking employment.

We are committed to assisting businesses with recruiting and retaining employees with disabilities.

Morningside is a public benefit corporation (private not-for-profit 501(c)(3)) Community Rehabilitation Program providing employment services to individuals with disabilities. 

The corporation is governed by a volunteer Board of Trustees. The Board sets Morningside’s major direction, establishes policies, and is focused on the inclusion of adults with disabilities in the workplace. Our Board is comprised of community leaders representing the rich diversity of the region.

What We Do

We believe that work has a transforming effect on individuals with disabilities. People with disabilities are openly discriminated against and society views disability as “less than." Work is the great equalizer in the lives of those we serve at Morningside.

Our Employment Programs

Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission

Morningside provides the training, coaching, and employment services that build the self-sufficiency and self-esteem of people with disabilities.

Our Vision

Morningside envisions a world where people with disabilities have the same opportunities for employment and self-sufficiency as all other community members.

Our Values

The following principles and values guide our work and set our priorities:

Service to Others: Our focus is being of service to people with disabilities, the employers, and communities that support them.

Building Community: We actively work to build stronger and inclusive communities through serving people with disabilities.

Integrity: We act with integrity and hold ourselves accountable.

Respect: We treat all people with respect, dignity, tolerance, and compassion.

Innovation: We are innovators and leaders in our field, constantly improving our services and adjusting to the needs of the communities and people we serve.

Teamwork: We achieve our high standard of results through teamwork.

Communication: We communicate directly and openly with sincerity and respect.

Excellence: Our standard of service is excellence and our results are delivered with the highest quality.

Vision: We envision new and innovative services that create a positive impact on people with disabilities.

Advocacy: We work passionately for the inclusion and equity of people with disabilities.

Serving Washington State since 1963.

Morningside has gone through many changes since our founding in 1963. We put together a comprehensive timeline of our history, where we've been, where we are today, and our hopes for the future.

“Everyone deserves a chance. Everyone can do something. An employer can match a job that their business needs to fit the strength of the person with a disability.”

- Erica Nation, Pita Pit

“Looking past the disability and seeing the person that they really are is the biggest thing.”

- Thomas Black, Warehouse Demo Services

“Felix is awesome. He is a huge help to us. He does everything that is asked of him and he is a good guy.”

Hany Mosad, Manager of the Federal Way Jack in the Box