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Celebrating our Employer Partners & Client's Successes

Congratulations, Corbin!

We've had the honor of supporting Corbin and their amazing work in our community for the last twelve years.

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Michaela, our 2023 Ann Bolender Inspirational Award winner!

Congratulations, Michaela Warden 2023 Ann Bolender Inspirational Award winner! This award is given each year to a client who epitomizes determination and is an inspiration to others.

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A-1 Performance

A-1 Performance is an invaluable partner hiring our Creative Employment clients and is a 2022 Outstanding Employer!

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Washington Association of Counties

The Washington State Association of Counties is a new partner but a great one, finding ways to extend a role tied to legislative session into a permanent position.

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University Place School District

Our partnership with University Place School District has grown since 2015 to hep so many amazing students.

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Fatso's Bar & Grill

Fatso's Bar & Grill has been a Morningside partner since 2017. Manager Brandon Weedon hired Kevin Crowley, one of the people we've had the pleasure of supporting over the years. Kevin has been working at Fatso's for 6 years and averages 6 hours per week.

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Tacoma Chuck E. Cheese

The Tacoma Chuck E. Cheese and Regional Manager Brent Marga is one of our 2022 Outstanding Employers

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City of Tacoma's Pilot Project Lead to a Great Hire

Tacoma's HR department wanted to pilot an Administrative Aide position and we had the perfect candidate.

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20 Years of Partnership with Port Angeles Safeway

Michael LaGrange is the manager of the Port Angeles Safeway has been a strong advocate for hiring people with disabilities. One chance encounter at a martial arts studio lead to a great hire in Ryan.

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The Nicest Guy at the Port Angeles Safeway

Juan met his mentor in a jujitsu class and that turned into a job at Safeway and an invitation to a Governor's awards ceremony.

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Keeping Tacoma's HR Department Organized

It's Kelly's job to file every paper that comes to the City of Tacoma's HR about the city's 3,500 employees.

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From Shop Assistant to Model

Erica's Pre-Employment Transition Internship led to a role she loves as shop assistant in a boutique and coffee shop - and even led to some modeling!

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Summer Library Internship Success

Noble Hayden was a crucial part of summer programs at the Aberdeen Timberland Library during is 2023 internship.

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From Culinary Internship to Line Cook

Hayden used his culinary skills to turn an internship into a job as a line cook that he's passionate about.

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Michaela Celebrates 2 years at Lacy Hops n Drops

Michaela celebrates 2 years working at Lacey Hops n Drops and has big plans for the future.

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Daniel Celebrates 20 years at Safeway

Daniel celebrated 20 years of work at the Aberdeen Safeway.

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Chehalis Grocery Outlet's Commitment to Hiring People with Disabilities

Michael and Nicole Morgan, owners and managers of the Chehalis Grocery Outlet, are committed leaders and 20% of their workforce are people with disabilities.

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NW Diesel is 2021's Outstanding Employer!

Derek Black, owner of NW Diesel, supported Bruce Voss's journey from a part-time janitorial role to a skilled mechanic, fostering his development and seamless integration into the team with steadfast support and guidance.

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“Everyone deserves a chance. Everyone can do something. An employer can match a job that their business needs to fit the strength of the person with a disability.”

- Erica Nation, Pita Pit

“Looking past the disability and seeing the person that they really are is the biggest thing.”

- Thomas Black, Warehouse Demo Services

“Felix is awesome. He is a huge help to us. He does everything that is asked of him and he is a good guy.”

Hany Mosad, Manager of the Federal Way Jack in the Box