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Fatso's Bar & Grill

Fatso's Bar & Grill has been a Morningside partner since 2017. Manager Brandon Weedon hired Kevin Crowley, one of the people we've had the pleasure of supporting over the years. Kevin has been working at Fatso's for 6 years and averages 6 hours per week. Kevin's duties at Fatso's include wiping tables and bar counters, and cleaning the grounds, windows and assists with other janitorial tasks as needed.

Brandon is an excellent manager and accommodates changes in Kevin's transportation needs. He demonstrates genuine concern for Kevin as an individual, not just an employee. Brandon and his team understand the importance of Kevin's job and what it means to him. They are regularly asking how to better support Kevin and foster his independence and growth.

We recognize Fatso's Bar & Grill for their patience and their ability to adapt to and accommodate Kevin's needs over the years. They care about Kevin's overall well-being as an employee and person and treat him with dignity and respect. We're proud to have Fatso's Bar & Grill as an Employer Partner and one of our 2022 Outstanding Employers.

Outstanding Employers Award

NW Diesel is 2021's Outstanding Employer!

Derek Black, owner of NW Diesel, supported Bruce Voss's journey from a part-time janitorial role to a skilled mechanic, fostering his development and seamless integration into the team with steadfast support and guidance.

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Client Successes

The Nicest Guy at the Port Angeles Safeway

Juan met his mentor in a jujitsu class and that turned into a job at Safeway and an invitation to a Governor's awards ceremony.

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Client Successes

Keeping Tacoma's HR Department Organized

It's Kelly's job to file every paper that comes to the City of Tacoma's HR about the city's 3,500 employees.

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