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Michaela, our 2023 Ann Bolender Inspirational Award winner!

Congratulations, Michaela Warden 2023 Ann Bolender Inspirational Award winner! This award is given each year to a client who epitomizes determination and is an inspiration to others.  

Twenty-five-year-old Michaela grew up in a military family and has lived all over the country. Michaela has grown up with a condition called Hydrocephalus (water on the brain) and has moderate to severe hearing loss, vision impairment, and epilepsy. Only a few days after her birth, Michaela’s parents were told that it was more likely than not that she would never walk, talk, or be a functioning member of society. However, her parents were determined to help their daughter be the best version of herself.

Throughout her education, Michaela participated in the Transition Program where she learned vocational skills until she was twenty-one. In this program, she also learned culinary skills, how to follow a schedule and effectively manage her time, and other important skills that aligned with her career goals. With the help of her Morningside job coach, Michaela was able to find her first job at Hops n Drops "A Neighborhood Gathering Place" where she has now been working as a prep cook for the last three years.

Michaela consistently demonstrates her outstanding job performance when completing tasks during her shift and makes sure to tell her manager if there are any potential problems, immediately. Michaela understands the importance of her job and clear communication. She advocates for herself, clearly communicating with her employer when she needs to. Michaela's determined attitude and dedication to her job is evident through her attendance. She has never missed a scheduled shift at work unless there was an emergency. If she does need to miss work, she talks with her manager, Michael, about how she can make up her hours. Michaela also works on holidays and has grown to work independently without her job coach.

Michaela is always jumping at the opportunity to help her coworkers and is always willing to answer any questions or solve any problems she becomes aware of. Michaela loves her job and enjoys the people she works with, considering some of them her friends! Michaela has said that if it wasn’t for her job coaches, she wouldn't be where she is today. With their support, she hopes to be at her job for a long time.  

Again, congratulations on winning this award, Michaela. We're honored we had the opportunity to surprise you with a celebration to recognize you for your many accomplishments.

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