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University Place School District

Morningside has partnered with the University Place School District since 2015 when they helped find employment for students in our Transition Program. They welcomed our Pre-ETS services for the 2021-2022 school year. The Transition program team is innovative, communicative, and student-centered. They focus on the abilities, skills, and strengths of each student, encouraging them to explore what interests them.

We support so many amazing students partnering with University Place School District. Last October, a student from the University Place School District participated in a Pre-ETS paid internship that allowed them to explore their interest in working in an office environment. During the internship, they were able to follow a complex set of directions, practice self-advocacy, and get a sense of what working in an office might be like. There are so many other students having similar experiences through our partnership!

It’s been a joy and pleasure to watch this Transition program grow over the years and we look forward to the potential opportunity to support these students to find permanent employment as they transition out of the program and start entering the workforce. Congrats on being one of our 2022 Outstanding Employers!

Employer Partners

Chehalis Grocery Outlet's Commitment to Hiring People with Disabilities

Michael and Nicole Morgan, owners and managers of the Chehalis Grocery Outlet, are committed leaders and 20% of their workforce are people with disabilities.

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Employer Partners

City of Tacoma's Pilot Project Lead to a Great Hire

Tacoma's HR department wanted to pilot an Administrative Aide position and we had the perfect candidate.

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Client Successes

Daniel Celebrates 20 years at Safeway

Daniel celebrated 20 years of work at the Aberdeen Safeway.

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