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NW Diesel is 2021's Outstanding Employer!

Jonathan Pleger, President/CEO, presented the Outstanding Employer of the Year Award to Derek Black, owner of NW Diesel. During the ceremony, Jonathan praised Derek, stating, "You have been phenomenal as an employer, including Bruce into your team and treating him like everyone else on the team." Jonathan was referring to Morningside’s client Bruce Voss, who began working for NW Diesel in November of 2020.

Initially hired for part-time janitorial duties, Bruce's role expanded as he expressed interest in learning about mechanics. Derek, without hesitation, started teaching him the basics of automotive mechanic work. NW Diesel and Derek consistently supported Bruce's learning journey, encouraging him to take on new tasks. Today, Bruce works full-time, handling various responsibilities such as oil changes, differential services, invoicing, assisting coworkers, and even operating the forklift.

Derek emphasizes Bruce's integration into the team, acknowledging Morningside's support in facilitating Bruce's journey toward independence on the job. Derek expresses gratitude for Bruce's contributions, describing him as an essential member of the team, fulfilling roles as a lube tech and utility worker.

Derek's patience and dedication to Bruce's development have been pivotal in Bruce's workplace success. Currently, the team is assisting Bruce in passing his driver’s test, which will open up new opportunities for him at NW Diesel.

Bruce's journey exemplifies Derek's commitment to providing opportunities and fostering growth within his team. Congratulations and thank you to Derek and NW Diesel for their exemplary support and dedication to their employees' success!

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