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About this Program

Our Community Protection Program assists individuals who require extensive support, or 24 hour line-of-sight supervision, to work safely in their communities. Morningside is the oldest provider of these services in Washington. Our program provides a structured, therapeutic environment for persons with community protection issues. The program works with the state’s voluntary Community Protection Program, which Washington started routing though waiver funding (through DDA and counties). 

The Community Protection Employment Program is based on our belief that success requires a more creative approach, and we’ve been providing that approach since we began working with these individuals in 1993. 

The program is for those who have offended or exhibited behaviors with the possibility of offending and allows the participants to live safely and successfully in the community while minimizing the risk to public safety. Our Creative Employment program is designed to rehabilitate and includes 24 hour a day line-of-site monitoring of participants along with employment. 

Our dedicated job developer does community outreach to employers who assist participants with disclosing information to ensure safety. The Program Manager participates in Treatment Team meetings where we discuss efforts to reduce supervision and restriction of rights and advocate for client rights in every possible approach. The Program Manager collaborates with the Treatment Team to identify employment settings that assist clients in reaching success and helping them to be as independent as possible. 

We are proud of the progress clients make in our Creative program. We have helped multiple individuals to graduate and enroll in Individual Supported Employment.

Morningside currently assists 31 clients in Creative Thurston County Employment and another 31 clients in Creative Pierce County Employment.

Services offered in this program:

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Job Coaching

Job coaching is a personalized service that provides the necessary support for an individual to be successful in the workplace.

Short-Term Training Services

Morningside works with each client and the employer  on an individual basis to provide the necessary training when a client starts a new job or receives new job tasks on a current job.  These  services usually take place over a 60-90 day period.

Job Placement

Our Business Developers start off with a meet and greet. This meeting takes around 45 minutes and it’s a chance for the client and developer to really get to know each other. Job takeaways are environment, location, size of business, sounds, etc. We talk about transportation, clothing for interviews, tasks that they would like to do and tasks they will not do. We try to know as much as we can so when in the community we are targeting the right businesses. When we feel a business meets most if not all the desired points we will take the client on a tour of the business, make introductions and if all goes well an interview. It’s very important that we make a good match for client and business. 

Intensive Training & Job Retention Coaching

Intensive Training and Job Retention Coaching are available for adults that have a placement plan through DVR and a contract to find a job. Morningside will partner with you to build your intensive training plan, learn the skills to be successful at your job and ultimately gain independence. Think of it as a launching pad to help you succeed!

While DVR supports short term training, we also partner with DDA to support ongoing development and long term planning to help you stay happy and fulfilled in your chosen profession.


Discover your interests, skills, and abilities. Help you identify, build and develop. We determine person-centered goals & identify work related interests and skills. Some activities may include: trying out different types of jobs, getting to know preferences, determining transportation, job site tours, participating in informational interviews, and more.

Program Staff

Adam Cline
Regional Manager

Locations offering this Program:

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Thurston/Mason Counties

809 Legion Way SE Olympia, WA 98501


(360) 943-0512

Pierce County

1601 6th Ave Tacoma, WA 98405


(253) 301-0502

“Everyone deserves a chance. Everyone can do something. An employer can match a job that their business needs to fit the strength of the person with a disability.”

- Erica Nation, Pita Pit

“Looking past the disability and seeing the person that they really are is the biggest thing.”

- Thomas Black, Warehouse Demo Services

“Felix is awesome. He is a huge help to us. He does everything that is asked of him and he is a good guy.”

Hany Mosad, Manager of the Federal Way Jack in the Box