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From Shop Assistant to Model

Erica Schuon, a Rochester High School student, began Morningside Pre-Employment Transition Services in July 2023. Erica attended Morningside's first annual Pre-ETS Summer Academy, where she participated in a variety of workshops and job tours to hone her work readiness and self-advocacy skills. Erica expressed an interest in working in a coffee shop environment during the Academy, and thanks to a newfound partnership with Ember Goods, Erica was able to experience a Pre-ETS internship that matched her interests.

Erica's internship was set in motion after she visited Ember Goods to tour the business and ask the owner questions. Before long, Erica was interning as a shop assistant in both the coffee shop and the retail boutique. Erica had the opportunity to learn and apply many new skills during her internship this past August. She also learned what it's like to work in a small business as part of a team. Erica was even asked to model for new boutique items!

We are thrilled that Erica took advantage of the Pre-ETS services we provide to gain valuable work experience. We know she has big things in store for her in the future, and she is a determined young lady.

Client Successes

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Client Successes

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Employer Partners

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