Is Morningside a government run agency?

No – Morningside is a Public Benefit Corporation more commonly referred to as a private not-for-profit corporation. We are a private corporation governed by a Board of Trustees. Our mission is to benefit the community by providing services to individuals with disabilities. Our Board members do not receive any compensation for the work performed and profit is not given to any individual or stock holders. Profit is used by the company to expand and enhance services to meet our mission.

What do you do?

We provide employment services to individuals with disabilities and other significant barriers to employment. We may employ individuals in one of the several Morningside operated businesses  or assist individuals with disabilities and other significant barriers to employment with community employment.

Are you a school or a residential program?

No. Many years ago we operated a variety of programs assisting individuals with living, social and some academic skills but have never operated a residential program. Our main facility which was once the location of all our services to individuals with disabilities is now the base of operation for staff as they assist individuals with disabilities in the community.

How did you get the name Morningside?

Following the merger of three agencies a contest was held to come up with a new name. A participant won the contest with the name Morningside. The name signifies a new beginning – a new day in the lives of participants as we make dreams a reality.