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“Looking past the disability and seeing the person that they really are is the biggest thing”.

– Thomas Black, Warehouse Demo Services

 “People with disabilities can add immeasurably to a community…something I fundamentally believe in. The goal to be inclusive of people in our society is really important. Sometimes we get siloed off in our businesses and we don’t have the opportunity to interact in a very real way with someone with disabilities and I think that’s a tremendous opportunity. I think we all feel enriched for having Julian as a part of our staff”.

– Dick Cvitanich, Olympia School District Superintendent

“To be honest, some of the servers don’t like the silverware rolling and Andrea loves it”.

-Nick Lemeshko, The Rock Wood Fired Pizza (Lacey)

“Kerri brings great joy to my daycare, she comes in with a smile and she leaves with a smile”.

–Carrie Lamar, Lamar Daycare